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This morning, I went through my discharge process with Dan Breazeale, after 6 weeks of in-home therapy since my Hip Replacement surgery on 2/27/18. Ashley Barrett was my physical therapist.

I want to pass on my compliments regarding both of these people representing Aviator Home Health.

I went to my Orthopedist on Wednesday and he said everything looks great, and released me from all limitation/precautions that had been established for me right after surgery. I described how I had met all of my therapy goals that Ashley, Dan and I developed, and felt I was making 'better than expected' progress toward a complete recovery.

Ashley has been fantastic. Because of the timing of my work situation, we worked out that she would come early in the morning for my therapy. It was extremely helpful to be able to get my therapy done at that time. Ashley was also good at making me expand the range of exercises that helped my get to the point where I could walk without my cane and where I could walk in our neighborhood for 15-20 minutes at a time.

If these two people are representative of your staff, you have an in-home therapy team that is exceptional.I will be happy to be a reference if you ever need one.

I highly recommend Aviator Home Health and give them 5 STARS! I experienced excellent care from their physical therapist and nurse following my total knee replacement on March 20. A treatment program was put together just for me which got me ahead of schedule in my recovery. I truly benefitted from their manual therapy on my knee also. My range of motion progressed each and every day and I was able to walk and care for myself faster than expected. They spent a sufficient amount of time during my session and was very attentive while I performed my exercise to make sure I performed them correctly. They also took the time to explained the anatomy involved and the treatment I could expect. I was very impressed with their compassion for their patients. They listened to me and always inspired me to do my best! That meant the world to me! I'm doing great today…all because of their care! Aviator is very professional, caring and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Aviator Home Health for anyone who may need physical therapy, nursing care and any other their other services.
- Barbara A.
I was introduced to Aviator Home Health about 2 yrs ago. First thru our Zumba classes then when Duwane helped me with a little high blood pressure problem, Making sure I was OK, then having the nurse ck on me at my Apt. She was very helpful n pleasant!! I would highly recommend Aviator Home Health!!
- Dolly D.
Just completed my last visit with Mike Ranken from Aviator Home Health! How do you properly thank someone for the gift of movement? Job WELL DONE!
- Pam R.
Kristi, is awesome aviator will be a winner with her!!!
- Louann N.
"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed having Cassi as my PT instructor the last few weeks. She was always polite, on-time and thoroughly professional. I'm sure you're proud to have her as part of your team and I would always recommend her to anyone who needs in-home physical therapy."
- R. T.
June 27, 2016 Aviator Home Health
To whom it may concern,
Cassie was my Physical Therapist a couple of weeks prior to my surgery then again after my surgery on May 26th, 2016. The purpose of this letter is to give recognition to Cassie who followed protocol, did not waste time, was devoted to her work and my care which was beyond the ability of most PT's which I've had in my past.
Cassie took time to listen to my physical concerns and medical struggles. She dealt with my condition with proper care. She motivated me and taught me the "Do's" in order to progress efficiently, progressively and eventually independently. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. She provided images of "at-home" exercises plus added details of repetitions and amount of times to be worked-on daily. She clearly knows her job well; therefore, following her instructions were easy and i trusted her as my Therapist. Her professionalism was exemplified through the use of a sign-in sheet which helped me keep track of dates, times and vitals etc., which were important to my surgeon, primary doctor and my family.
The interest Cassie placed upon me was sincere and encouraging. I have great respect for Cassie as it has been a long time since I have had someone outside my family care for me so well. My hopes and prayers for Cassie are that her days in this profession, which she loves and enjoys, will simply grow to full blossom. I know she will reap in abundance what she has sowed with kindness, respect and dedication. I also believe those around her will reap from the abundance of her blessings as well. Sincerely,
June 27, 2016 Aviator Home Health
To whom it may concern,
One evening I received a call. Little did I know this was the young lady who had provided physical therapy to my sister three weeks prior. Out of the kindness of her heart Cassie called to check on my sister's health. Obviously, IMPRESSIVE! The interest she placed upon [my sister] was sincere and thoughtful as she had taken personal time to follow-up on a woman who was no longer under her care. This spoke volumes of Cassie's care & character.
Approximately two weeks after that specific conversation [my sister] had surgery on her right rotator cuff. My sister's Orthopedic Surgeon contact a home health agency, to my sister's surprise there was Cassie! i was meeting Cassie for the first time. After a short while I was grateful to have witnessed how serious and dedicated she took every aspect of her job. I was impressed with the care, commitment and personal interest she demonstrated. Cassie put her heart into her labor and was reflected through her tough yet gentle loving actions.
Today I write this letter sharing that Cassie is a dedicated professional who puts others before herself! I pray you "value" her as much as we've learned to appreciate and respect her. She truly has a heart of gold and the gift of "Healing Hands" as witnessed by my sister's great progress in the short span of time while under Cassie's care.
I pray you shall cherish her. I am care giver to my sister, mother and part-time with my husband. I also have my own doctors and so I will profess from my lips praises of her work thus recommending her to various doctors I will encounter so that Cassie's awesome reputation will follow her wherever she stays or goes which will be a great reflection upon that company or agency.
June 27, 2016 Aviator Home Health
To whom it may concern,
I, in agreement with ... would like to give recognition to Elaine who upon short notice immediately made contact notifying us she was assigned as Visiting Nurse. This woman, after having a long hard day's work, took time to call and learn about [my sister].
Upon Elaine's first visit it was evident she had specifically gone out of her way to meet [my sister]. I knew Elaine was a good match when she made it a point to give eye contact, leaned forward and listened to [my sister's] concerns and medical history. Elaine never rushed my sister in her conversations while [my sister] struggled with her speech and hearing problems. Elaine was tender and kind and provided great ideas on safety issues and answered all medical questions and concerns. Elaine followed protocol, did not waste time, was devoted to her work and to my sister's care. It took great patience and kindness as Elaine went beyond and above her duties which left a great impression on us (family) as she secured confidence and motivation. Though Elaine served as my sister's Nurse for only a couple of days I will not forget how she went out of her way to visit my sister one last time before services with Aviator terminated. I appreciated that though this last visit was not mandated yet again Elaine went out of her way and listened and cared.
I pray Aviator is aware of the awesome people and specifically in this case, in reference to Elaine, what an AMAZING dedicated individual they have in their service. I pray Aviator has the respect and allegiance to her services which she so abundantly deserves. I pray the richness of the glory of blessings that she carries with her will brighten all who know and value her as a nurse and individual. Sincerely,
"Thank you again... I will surely contact you when I return to Frisco and if I will need my other knee replaced... BTW , Jennifer Hawkins is pretty awesome as well! You are surely blessed with a great staff !"
- Mrs. Aida M, Frisco, TX
"I would just like to express my deep appreciation for the excellent service I received from you and your staff while I was in Frisco. I especially would like to mention how impressed I was and am with Nirav Purohit.
She is truly a caring , compassionate, and very competent and skilled professional . She went above and beyond the call of duty by contacting me periodically to make sure I was OK and following up with my therapy / exercises. Her therapy sessions proved to be very beneficial to my recovery. I could not have asked for a better, more competent, or more caring therapist. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family members if or when they would need a therapist. Thank you for sending her to me and thank you for the excellent service you are providing your patients. God bless you for that."
- Mrs. Aida M, Frisco, TX
"I am in better condition and actually have more knowledge then after my first knee replacement thanks to Mike. I have also let my Dr know of the excellent job with my therapy."
- Mr. Randy W, Plano, TX
"I have had many PT's in my life but none of them compare to Cory from Aviator Home Health. Without him, and the work he has done, I would not be able to bend my legs or sit up in bed. You all are such a blessing in my life and thanks for everything that has been done for me. Thank you Cory and Aviator for everything you do! YOU ROCK!"
- Mrs. Jeri S, Garland, TX
"I have had many PT's in my life but none of them compare to Cory from Aviator Home Health. Without him, and the work he has done, I would not be able to bend my legs or sit up in bed. You all are such a blessing in my life and thanks for everything that has been done for me. Thank you Cory and Aviator for everything you do! YOU ROCK!"
- Mrs. Jeri S, Garland, TX
"Angie from Aviator Home Health was incredible. She went above and beyond. She reviewed my blood work and spending lot of time explaining and directed me to my PCP and saved me to receive iron transfusions. She is absolutely incredible and a rare find in nursing. Thank you Angie and thank you Aviator Home Health!"
- Mrs. Roxanne R, McKinney, TX
"Aviator has been on my mind and I wanted to call to say how extremely satisfied I am with Aviator Home Health and can not say enough of Michelle your RN. She was so caring and a wealth of knowledge and am glad to have meet her. If I ever need home care in the future I will be certain to ask for you."
- Mr. Thomas H, Howe, TX